Welcome! Thank you so much for visiting my site.

WIKI OF DARKNESS is a personal site I made dedicated to my favourite tabletop roleplaying game: Vampire the Masquerade. Specifically, this website only contains information related to VTM: 20th Anniversary Edition, because this is my preferred edition.

I made WIKI OF DARKNESS as a simple resource for myself and my players. I wanted a place where I could upload all of the resources, information, lore, and guides I have collected in one easy place to be extremely accessible for the players I run games for.

Some of the information on this website was written by me, but much of it is not. A large amount of information on this website was taken directly from the White Wolf wiki, the VTM V5 Paradox wiki, and the official sourcebooks.

On this site, you will be able to find several guides, wiki pages, resources, links, and pieces of writing, some of which I have made and some of which I have not. everything that I did not create on this website is credited.

As for me, my name is Miles. I am a Storyteller and Game Master, although not extremely experienced; I've ran a few D&D games here and there and I finished my first VTM v5 Chronicle in June of 2023, over Discord. I absolutely adore VTM and the world, themes, and atmosphere that it brings forth. I have my own problems with certain facets of it (WW has made some insane choices, jesus) but I think the setting it offers is completely unparalled and, in my opinion, nothing comes close to the unique style of storytelling and roleplaying that it offers.

If you want to learn more about me, you can visit my site here. If you want to hear more about my personal (and very ramble-y) thoughts about VTM, you can visit my VTM shrine here. Warning for eyestrain and flashing images; please be careful if you are photosensitive.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your time here and find something useful to assist you in your Storytelling, or otherwise as a player. :)

If you are a creator who would like any of your work removed, please send me an email here. Thanks!


This website was built by Miles, starting in July 2023. Some work on this site was written by me, and some was not. Individual pages have credits and attributions. Much of the writing on this site was sourced from the original White Wolf Wiki as well as the VTM V5 Paradox wiki. This site was made for personal use, but I hope you find some use in it. View at 80% zoom.